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Torben Heien Nielsen

Torben Heien Nielsen

Associate Professor

I work within the fields of empirical public economics (savings behavior, retirement and health economics) and applied microeconometrics. Specifically, by combining Danish policy variation and big administrative data, I answer policy questions such as “Do retirement savings policies increase total saving for retirement or simply induce shifting across accounts?” and “How is life expectancy related to income and pension savings?”.

In a methodological strand of my research, I combine big data with survey and experimental data to reveal the validity of these data sources.

I teach Health Economics and the seminar Empirical Health Economics at the Economics department and Advanced Empirical Health Economics at the Public Health department.


Current research

Family Health Behaviors. With Itzik Fadlon


Complementarities in Investments and long run returns: Evidence from Historical Records and Administrtive Data. With Miriam Wüst, Miriam Gensowski, Nete Nielsen and Maya Rossin-Slater

Economic Resources, Mortality and Inequality.
With Orazio Attanasio
Working Paper

Family Labor Supply Responses to Severe Health Shocks. 
With Itzik Fadlon,

The Effects of Physician prescribing Behaviors on Prescription Drug Use and Labor Supply: Evidence from Movers in Denmark. With Jessica Laird.
Working Paper


ID: 11229009