Administrative Staff

Pernille Bang

Senior consultant Pernille Bang is datamanager for CEBI (Center for Behavioral Economics and Inequallity).

Room 35.2.17
Phone 353 37295

Jane Lykke Bøll

Senior consultant Jane Lykke Bøll is pre-award and communications officer.

Room 26.0.28
Phone  353 31723

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Academic officer Elisabeth Casas Casanova is responsible for planning of teaching and examinations.

Room 26.0.13
Phone 353 24702

Tine Ceccardi

Administrative officer Tine Ceccardi is Centre Administrator of CEBI (Center for Behavioral Economics and Inequallity).

Room 35.2.35
Phone 353 23002

Chila Firouzi

Administrative officer Chila Nazeya Firouzi is responsible for the Reception, the office administration and purchasing. She is secretary to the Centre for Applied Microeconometrics (CAM), Econometrics Group and MEHR.

Room 26.0.20
Phone 353 30531

Peter Flindt

Peter Flindt is Head of Administration. He is responsible for the staff management and administration, budgeting, and financial management.

Room 26.0.00
Phone  353 23012

Joanna Hagstrøm

Academic officer Joanna Mickiewicz Hagstrøm is post award officer and event manager.

Room 26.0.30
Phone 353 37154

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Administrative officer Christel Brink Hansen is secretay to the Development  Economics Research Group (DERG) and the Microeconomics Research Group (MRU), the Finance Research Unit (FRU), the Head of Department, the Department Council, and the Liaison Committee.

Room 26.0.25
Phone 353 23017

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Student councellor Ida Werliin Holm has guidance sessions with students. She is responsible for events in relations to completion of studies and student wellbeing.

Are you a student looking for guidance? Contact the Student Councelor.

Lokale 26.0.19
Tlf. 35 33 02 12

Lotte Hvidegaard

Academic officer Lotte Hvidegaard supports management and is responsible for staff planning, U.S. Job Market, and the administration of Centre for Experimental Economics (CEE)

Lokale 26.0.24
Tlf.  353 26019

Charlotte Jepsersen

Correspondent Charlotte Jespersen administrates the PhD programme and Zeuten Lecures. She is responsible for absence registration and web editing.

Room 26.0.29
Phone  353 23029

Louise Kolmos

Academic officer Louise Kolmos administrates applications for credit studies and exchange programmes.

Room 26, 26.0.19
Phone 353 23073

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Academic officer Jens Roesdahl Lange handles BA-projects, master’s theses and co-corricular written assigments. He is also involved in dispensations and remuneration of external supervisors.

Room 26.0.15
Phone 353 31276

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Academic officer Lartey Godwin Lawson is data manager at FAMBUSS.

Room 26.2.01
Phone 353 27382

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Academic officer Dick Lerche handles applications for exemption, enrolment requirements, applications for credit transfer and BAKA permission (an exemption for BA students allowing them to take courses at masters level) and prolonged exam

Room 26.0.17
Phone 353 32532

Ivan Lyngsaa

Academic officer Ivan Lyngsaa is responsible for economic controlling.

Room 26.0.23
Phone  353 31829

Liana Pehrsson

Accounting officer Liana Pehrsson is responsibel  accounting related to all external funding.

Room 26.0.27
Phone 353 23031

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Academic officer Kim Petersen is responsible for our administrative IT.

Room 26.0.23
Phone  353 31829

Susanne Stoltz

Senior consultant Susanne Stoltz .
Study Programme Coordinator.
Secretary to the Study Board, the Employer Panel and  to the Chairman of the External Examiners.

Room 26.0.19
Phone 353 23160

Katja Svendsen

Academic officer Katja Dall Svendsen administrates applications for credit transfer. She supports tasks in Absalon, evaluation of courses, and statistics. She is responsible for course registration in STADS.

Room 26.0.17
Phone 353 23256

Cammilla Toft

Academic officer Cammilla Bundgaard Toft is Center Administrator for the research center FAMBUSS (Family Assets on Corporate Structures and Outcomes).

Room 26.0.26
Phone  353 33856

Pia Vestergaard

Administrative officer Pia Lund Vestergaard is reponsible for accounting and salaries in relation to the Board of Studies, student facilities, and the department's visiting programme. Pia also registers holidays.

Room 26.0.16
Phone 353 23049