Agricultural technology as climate change mitigation in developing countries

One of the economic sectors mostly affected by climate change is agriculture, which makes developing countries, in which farming is the most common occupation, especially vulnerable to climate change. This project will investigate if technical change in agriculture, defined as the development of new high-yielding crop varieties (HYVs), has mitigated negative effects of climate change the last 50 years.







Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Hansen, Casper Worm Professor Mortality; Life Expectancy; Demographic Changes; Long-run Economic Growth; Macroeconomics of Development Billede af Hansen, Casper Worm
Wingender, Asger Mose Associate Professor Economic Growth; Human Capital and Education; Political Institutions; Structural Transformation; Economic History Billede af Wingender, Asger Mose

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Logo: Independent Research Foundation DenmarkAgricultural technology as climate change mitigation in developing countries has received a three year funding from Independent Research Foundation Denmark.

Period:  September 2021 - September 2024


Principal Investigator Casper Worm Hansen

External members

Name Title Phone E-mail
Grant Miller Professor, Stanford University E-mail
Douglas Gollin Professor, University of Oxford