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Information about the exchange programme at the Department of Economics (requirements, courses, course registration and application)

The academic year at the University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen has a two-semester plan offering different courses each semester.

  • The spring semester begins on 1 February with exams in May and June.
  • The autumn semester begins on 1 September with exams in December and January. 
  • The summer courses begin 1 July and continues until late August.

Courses and Course Registration


For you to get the most out of your studies at the University of Copenhagen, we recommend that you have completed at least 2 years of full-time studies at your home university.  

Almost all our courses require high levels of competencies in economic theory, mathematics and econometrics. Please follow the previous links in order to fully understand the academic level we expect from our students. You are not qualified for a 3rd year undergraduate course or a master's level course with a background in eg. "Econ 101" only.

Choosing courses

When choosing courses as an exchange student, you must read the prerequisites of each course and consider carefully whether you meet the requirements or not. Please be honest to yourself - the courses are more than just some interesting titles. You need to read the course descriptions thoroughly and take the stated lists of prerequisites very seriously.

Basic Economics Courses

Courses for non-economists, autumn and spring semester:  ICT-Applied

Courses for non-economists, autumn semester: The Danish Welfare Model

Course Catalogue

Copenhagen University Course Catalogue is available at  Our autumn and spring courses vary. Usually the same autumn courses are offered every autumn and the same spring courses every spring. However, this only applies to courses - not seminars - seminars vary each semester!

A guide - How to find courses in the Course Catalogue

In the Course Catalogue you can find:

  • course descriptions,
  • syllabus
  • prerequisites of each course
  • ECTS value of the courses,
  • teacher information,
  • time and location
  • preliminary examination plan

Course registration

Please fill in this online application form

Course change

You cannot change your courses once the semester has started

Erasmus ECTS Requirements

As an Erasmus-student using an exchange agreement with the Department of Economics, you must abide by the following rule:

  • If you are enrolled at the Department of Economics only, you must finish a minimum of 22,5 ECTS at the Department.  

How to apply for the exchange programme

You can be admitted as an exchange student either via an exchange agreement between your home institution and the University of Copenhagen, or as a Government Scholarship student.

You have to apply through our International Office.

Please consult The International Office website for information regarding applications for Exchange students and Danish Govenment Scholarship students.