Visiting and Associated Faculty, Department of Economics – University of Copenhagen

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Visiting and Associate Faculty

Balakina, Olga Part-time Ph.d.E-mail
Browning, Martin Guest professorE-mail
Dahl-Erichsen, Jakob Posselt Research assistantE-mail
Honoré, Bo Guest professor+45 35323018E-mail
Hussien, Abdurohman Ali Student assistantE-mail
Kristensen, Dennis Research Fellow+45 35323062E-mail
Mislove, Alan Edward Research Fellow+45 35336554E-mail
Nielsen, Morten Guest professorE-mail
Piotr, Manijak Mieszko Research FellowE-mail
Schultz Hansen, Kristian Guest associate professorE-mail
Sperling, Lena Part-time Ph.d.E-mail
Taylor, Robert Guest professor0115 84 68385E-mail
Trifkovic, Neda Research Fellow+45 35333642E-mail
Vierø, Marie-Louise Research FellowE-mail
Wengström, Erik Research Fellow+45 35324406E-mail
Yimer, Seid Part-time Ph.d.+45 35332526E-mail