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PhD seminars, courses and defenses

The PhD students take active part in the department's research activities. This integration is in part insured via the student's active participation in the department's seminars, workshops and conferences. The weekly PhD seminar is an internal forum for discussion of the PhD students’ research with the Departments researchers.

The PhD students take half a year’s worth of PhD courses beyond the master's degree requirement. These courses provide specialised knowledge about the dissertation topic as well as generic competencies within research, teaching and knowledge dissemination. The courses can be of shorter or longer duration, and can be offered in direct connection with the programme, by the Graduate School, by national and international graduate schools, or by other relevant higher education institutions.

The completed PhD thesis is defended publicly. The PhD student is given up to 45 minutes to present the main findings of the PhD thesis, before an expert assessment committee enters into a discussion of the thesis with the PhD student. At the end of the defence, other members of the audience will be given the opportunity to join the discussion. Following the defence, the committee makes its final recommendation as to whether the author should be awarded the PhD degree.